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During the last thirty-five years, I have photographed a wide variety of topics in 50 countries throughout the world for international organizations. Some of the topics include wildlife, wilderness, environmental, archaeology, science, cultural and humanitarian, to mention a few. Working with international organizations has provided me with the opportunity to produce an in-depth photo essay of several countries, which examines their social, political, economic, cultural and environmental aspects from urban to rural settings. Currently my photo stock consists of thousands of images, which are cataloged by country and topic.


Normally one time publishing rights are granted, however rights vary greatly depending on the type of publication so please contact me to discuss the appropriate terms. The same is true for my fee; it depends on the type of publication and intended use. Once I know which topics you wish to review I can forward you a CD containing the images requested. Several of my clients maintain their own photo stock of my images which they can draw from as needed and simply forward a pre-determined fee as they are published. In some cases when project expenses are shared the organization and I have also shared the copyright on photographs. My terms are flexible and can be adapted to meet your objectives.


Since I am retired from the New York State educational system with benefits, I can provide my services for less than other photographers. During the last twenty years I have traveled throughout North and South America, East and West Europe, Africa and South Asia specializing in developing nations and remote areas under a wide variety of conditions. Life among diverse cultures has provided me with greater insights into human nature, the opportunity to transcend cultural barriers and to experience traditional lifestyles. These experiences enable me to adapt quickly to a projectís environs. To provide in-depth coverage of a topic I prefer to stay at the project site, whether it is in a remote village, urban slum or research outpost. This way I can develop a better understanding of the subject I am photographing. This also eliminates the costs of expensive hotels and commuting time to and from project sites whenever possible. In addition to photographing a project I am willing to collect data for reports, write articles for the sponsoring organization and video projects. This reduces the cost of sending two or more persons to provide comprehensive coverage of a project. I am flexible and can accommodate your needs on most projects. Please call me so we can discuss your objectives and budget.